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Thread: Bin To .avi Or Mpeg?

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    any way?

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    If you're asking which to convert to, MPEG is a lot better... but, other than that, IDK!

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    no im askin can u? if so name the program plz

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    try vcdgear or vcdeasy to extract an mpeg from a bin vcdgear i beleive you need the cue as well vcdeasy is a little more confusing but you don't need the cue... edit typo

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    the .bin extension can be used for several different types of files, but most commonly it's a complete image of a CD. all of the files and folders that will be burned to a CD... the files should not be altered when they have been incorporated into a bin, they've just been arranged and joined so that they're ready to burn onto cd-r.

    so there are a lot of programs that are capable of exploring bin files (also known as iso files) and extracting things from them. i've had good experiences with a program called IsoBuster, personally.

    if all else fails, you could just use a cd burning program to "burn image" and then select the .bin file, burn it, and you will be able to see all of the files on the finished CD.

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    ah ok

    thx fellas


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