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Thread: Please Post here the NEEDED-Rules to avoid being banned/deleted/disabled

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    Hi, I got Pisexy invite before.. I got excited.. registered.. check out the site..
    I went out for vacation.. then sooner came back.. when I was logging in..
    I can't get in.. I asked th staffs.. OMG , my account was deleted for being Idle in one week without UP or D/L..

    I almost cried..

    That's why I stared to think of this thread.. which will contain the "general" rules which I think Site Staffs will post their rule...

    I start with the only rule I've known of:

    -account deleted after one week without UP or D/L

    P.S. I really need your cooperation about this thread.. Staffs/Ops/Mods please help me.. post "general" rules to avoid being banned/deleted/disabled

    I still need pisexy.. PM me

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    next time you should park your account or let a staff member know that your account will be idle for a long period of time

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    me too...this happened to me too

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    -Read the rules/FAQ of each tracker
    -Don't EVER cheat
    -Don't use proxies to access the site.
    -Don't hit and run. Seed at least 72hours each torrent.
    -Keep a decent ratio
    -Login to the tracker at least once a month so as not to be pruned. Most trackers prune inactive user accounts of 42days.
    -Most of the trackers prune zero accounts much earlier. So, download something if you don't want to see your account disabled.
    - Some trackers require that you download something every 1-2 months. Have a look at their faq.
    -Never keep double accounts
    -Don't invite traders/cheaters
    -Don't trade your accounts and never accept traded accounts. You will be considered responsible for whatever the previous owner had done with his ex-account! Most of the buffered acounts traded here are buffered with cheats...
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