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Thread: Anyone uses Vectoral box?

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    I'm thinking about buying vectoral, because i can have more bandwith than on leaseweb for the same price

    but what can i expect with it, is the speed as good as on Leaseweb?

    I heard Vectoral doesn't work well with SCT...

    Thx for the input!

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    You heard wrong. Vectoral works more than well in SCT, at least as good as Leaseweb. Have personal experience of this and you can find others saying the same thing in sct forums. Many ScT users have Vectoral boxes.

    However, I have read that on other trackers Vectoral may not be as good as Leaseweb speedwise, but I don't agree with them. I have got great speeds at all trackers I'm a member of.

    Plus adding that Vectoral's customer service beats Leaseweb always, you can't go wrong with Vectoral.

    Change your provider ASAP.

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    just what i wanted to hear


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    I have tried them both. LW is better overall in my opinon. Better network and overall speed on the sites I use. Cant go wrong with either one, myself and many of my friends prefer LW for what we do. On ScT the speeds were pretty evenly matched as that site has a lot of both of them but to be honest but on other sites it was no question LW was better, I did extensive testing as well as my friends who use or have used both. Leasewebs network is superior whoever says otherwise is talking nonsense...

    However if you are looking to move and will have more bandwidth for the same price it seems like a no brainer to me They are both good m8. I also read where others also said LW has better speeds in general and its true. How much better? That depends on what you do (and what sites you use) and what you want for your hard earned $$$$... You might not see a difference and if you did it might not be enough to make you regret your decision if you moved (getting more BW)

    Good luck
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