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Thread: Oink is alive.....learn how to access

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    Latest Update

    Because of the recent DNS issues, and the undesirable solution to fix them, we are changing the site's name from to

    The domain will soon cease to function, and a full changeover will happen shortly. Please update your bookmarks.

    Please also re-download any torrents you may have in your clients in order to update the tracker address. Torrents downloaded from now on will contain 2 tracker addresses, the new domain, and the tracker's IP address, which should make any future DNS issues less serious. They will also contain the site's IP address in the torrent comment field, in case of future problems.

    Sorry about the inconvenience, but we deem the name change necessary for the continuation of the site.

    So what are you waiting for? OiNK that CD already! (I guess this means a new slogan contest?!).

    From Oink.....

    "The hugely popular BitTorrent tracker appears to be offline but it is in fact alive and well."

    Over the last 48 hours the OiNK BitTorrent tracker has appeared to be offline since they "are experiencing some DNS issues" matched with the fact that their domain registrar also suspended the domain.

    The Domain Name System (DNS) is "the mechanism by which easily readable domain names such as are translated to their corresponding IP addresses." So you can just simply type their IP into address bar-- proceed to happily visit their wonderful, sourceful site.

    If you're really techie, Oink has posted the following:

    For PC Users

    We apologise for the continuing DNS problems. You can get around this by adding our hostnames directly to your hosts file. Add the following lines to your \windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file (the number of spaces between the IP and the name doesn’t matter as long as there’s at least one space (or tab):

    For Mac Users

    Temporary fix for Mac OS X, it requires some work in the Terminal. You need the admin password for your system for this. Make sure to enter all commands in bold correctly with the proper spaces and capitalization.

    1. Open "Terminal" from your Applications / Utilities directory.

    2. Type cd /private/etc and hit enter.

    3. Time to edit the hosts file, we will use VIM for it, which is a text editor for the console. You also need root privileges to edit the file because it is read only for normal users.
    Type sudo vim hosts and hit enter. You will be asked for your admin password, enter it and hit enter, then VIM pops up.

    4. You will see the content of the hosts file, first few lines are comments with # in the front, then 3 entries, do NOT touch these. Navigate to the last line with your cursor keys and then to the right till the cursor is behind the localhost entry

    5. Now you need VIM to go into edit mode, do this by hitting i

    6. VIM is in insert mode now, hit enter for a new line and type

    If you want you can add the following lines too, in case you encounter trouble with IRC or the website. Hit enter after each line for a new one

    7. Time to leave edit mode now, do so by hitting the escape key.

    8. Back in viewing mode, now you need to save the file. You can do this by typing :w and hitting enter, VIM will tell you something like "hosts (number of lines) written".

    9. Now you need to exit VIM. Type :q and hit enter, you will be back at the terminal.

    10. Almost done, now you need to tell the OS to use the content of the new hosts file.
    Type sudo niload -v -m hosts . < /etc/hosts and hit enter.
    You will be asked for the admin password again, after that the hosts file will be parsed.

    11. You're done, exit the terminal by typing exit and hit enter. Close the window.

    Edit: To remove them again - follow the same steps, in step 6 delete the 3 added lines, then save the file, quit the editor. You can then either run step 10 or wait until your next reboot.

    Alternate access

    Try using the following link:

    *Thanks to Hairbautt and dreamtracker for the info.
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