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Thread: Bittorrent Slows Down Kazaa?

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    Is it just me or has Kazaa slowed down since the proliferation of Bittorrent? I assume it's because everyone wants to boost their Uploads in Bittorrent so they cut their uploading in Kazaa and boost their PL with cheats.

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    no, none uses kazaa while their using Bt. beacuse its detremental to both downloading and uploading to use both

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    it's detrimental if you use the regular BT client with ADSL. without a throttle on BT's upload speed, it can choke your internet connection.

    use the experimental BT client which includes a bandwidth throttle, and you can easily run it alongside kazaa.

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    I suppose that if everyone is switching off Kazaa in favour of BT then it would slow Kazaa down. QED either way!

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    95% of all Kazaa users doesn't even know what BitTorrent is, so I don't think that is the problem.

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    I have found that Bittorrent & kazaa compliment each other quite well.

    *You can use bittorrent to share specific files with specific people, just upload a torrent & point to the website and tracker.

    *Kazaa still is the top dog in my opinion, although a little slooow.

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    Well i wouldnt probably use both at the same time anyway, since between the two theyd suck up every bit of bandwidth. Torrents are good for getting anime episodes in a hurry, but it doesnt really have a search capability to find anything you dont know is there already.

    BitTorrent is ok, but kazaa is still better.


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