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Thread: Unknown Songs And Band

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    Hi, i recently got a couple of what i thought were the new Metallica songs, except they were cut off at the end and they were by a different band!! I've heard the proper versions of the Metallica songs and i'm slightly disapointed with them (I still think their S&M songs are the best&#33. I've tried to figure out what the unknown songs are but i haven't got a clue! Here's the hashes for some of the songs:

    File Name: metallica-all within my hands-st. anger.mp3
    File Length: 4812399 Bytes,4700KB
    File Length: UUHash:=oX3U1hnzLYEukf8eypXs8IslPxY

    File Name: metallica-purify-st. anger-10.mp3
    File Length: 7804890 Bytes,7622KB
    File Length: UUHash:=JWMQrpEXeroPjOLfuL6HbZuY7pQ

    File Name: metallica-unnamed feeling-st. anger.mp3
    File Length: 2882069 Bytes,2815KB|
    File Length: UUHash:=HcjCmTovRW/RWa3bdm24M3mbfmo

    (Sorry about the newbiness, hope it makes sense)

    I'm hoping somone can tell me which kick a$$ band actually made these songs as they are awesome and i really want to get the full versions. Thanks alot for any help anyone can offer.
    PS: Kazaa Lite is awesome! No spyware, good speeds, all you need!

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    well yeah dont use kazaa for music use soulseek

    and the hashes u posted are in the wrong section

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    Now that's a quick reply! I wasn't too sure where to post all this. One of my first posts on the forums. Sorry if it's in the wrong place.

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    *bump* Can't ANYONE help? Someone must know what band these songs come from!! Come on! I REALLY want to get the full songs not some crappy cut up versions.


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