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Thread: Where Can I Find Return To Castle Wolfenstein?

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    Are there any unpackable RTCW files on Kazaa? Not 600meg iso's?

    Also: where can I get these games? working properly...Time Commando and Virtual Springfield...anyone know?

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    I dont know about the orginal pc game but RTCW enmey territory is a free stand alone online game you can search for on google it is very very fun
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    for your unpackable RTCW there's a 385 MB file, its about that size, its a .exe file, you unpack, you install you play, it works, i had the game, i just can't find the file ~stupid unlabeled CDR's~ but its around 385, the name of it is Return to Castle Wolfenstein.exe all in one name so search for it and i'll try to get a sig post on it


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