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Thread: Windows Media Encoded Movies

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    I have been encoding some mvies in .wmv for awhile to share on kazaa I have made the switch to .wmv form divx cause you can watch the movie as it downloads without using avi preview or any of that stuff and if there are enough people sharing the file you can watch it without getting any hiccups... I like divx for the higher bitrates it looks better than .wmv but at lower bitrates around 300 kbs .wmv looks better as there is less pixelation. The best program i have fond yet for all this is pinnicle studio 8... download install and then run all the updates form the company and you will get exellent captures and encoding with the latest update... i have tried cleaner 5, and sonic foundry stream anywheres programs and pinnicles program is difficult to beat... and if you really want perfect captures off your sat dish or cable by the whole capture card and software.. for $99us it is a great deal

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    How does all that compare with Windows media encoder 9? Any faster or better picture?

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    I have downloaded the codec but from what i have heard windows media 9 only works on a server running server 2003 with some kind of extension.... but in all my encoding programs i have not seen an option to encode in 9 format it just gives me one windosw media format option so im not too sure yet... still working on it

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    WMV is great for Pocket PCs. Watch movies or you favorite Sponge episode.


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