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Thread: What TV tuner to get?

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    im gunna get a TV tuner for my pc as soon as the arial gets moved to the roof (in the loft at the moment)

    but i dunno what to get, id like it to have digital and analog so i can have all freeview channels on it, and also the sky analog signel from down stairs.

    anyone got any to recommend?
    i looked at some of them small pen drive 1s but they're all just digital.

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    I have a link to a review of the following hybrid card;

    Hauppauge WinTV-HVR 1100 Hybrid Tv Tuner Card

    I might be of some help to you in making a decision. I have an old Happauge card that just gives me the five stations. It has worked great with me.

    How did you connect up your PC to receive Freeview from your TV?
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    I'll second the Hauppauge..I have a pvr150 and its been great...But it only does analog so the 1100 seems like a good choice

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