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    downloaded a movie put it in tmpgenc tied to convert to svcd the output size would have been 8.9 gigabytes i even put the sound down to a bitrate of 64 only took a gig off

    why so big??

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    i think you have to encode it to a certain mpeg format that is smaller. But it will still be a couple gigs.
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    i had the same problem Look Here and i havnt got a clue why either.

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    if its an avi file u have to use vdub to change the audio to a wav file first. i had the same porblem until i use vdub to change to audio to a wav file.

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    yep ur rite save the ausio as a wav file and use that as an audio source

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    glad i could help

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    8.9 gigs that has never happended to me i don&#39;t know what kind of movie u are trying to encode

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    Your encoding it wrong, you need to use direct stream or something

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    his question has already been answer.


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