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    If you are uninstalling kazaa lite because you have a problem. Don't forget to delete your ''db'' folder. That mabye solve many problems.

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    AMEN to that i forgot to do that... i had to uninstall then reinstall but I finally realized that i had to do that

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    What does this folder contain?
    i HAVE a problem that sometimes my downloading files just vanish from the traffic window if the computer restarts because of a power glitch or something.
    It is very irrritating because those downloads are maybe 200 to 500 MB done and I lose them completely.
    I havent changed my downloaded files folder ever.
    Should I move all the downloading dat files out of that folder to some other temporary folder?
    Please help.

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    You can ask this question in Tips but i will trying to help you. Just delete your .dat files or set it as you say in a temporary folder. Then reinstall your kazaa lite. Put the .dat files back and try if it will work now. If that doens't work delete your .dat files and start again everything

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    Corleone. I think singhvi is asking a completely separate question which is something which often happens with partial domnloads if the computer shuts down. you lose partially downloaded file from your traffic window and also your shared folder. I dont think there is a cure for this its just a glitch in K/L. B)

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    This might help you or not, it helped me, I had the same problem, I download files, when my computer crashes or has power problems, I loose all or some files in the traffic section, that time I was running Windows XP Pro, then I switched to Windows ME, whenever my computer crashes or power cuts off, my files are still in the traffic section, it is not damaged and they work fine after it has been downloaded

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    I hear most of the problems on Kazaa Lite do not help even thought you uninstall it. It may because of you firewall setting or could be something else.


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