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Thread: Windows 2003

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    i saw in a web page the new windows 2003 but it's too expensive is almots 500 dlls. i would like to know if someone alreally have it or where can i downloa it if it is alreally on the net.

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    It is probably already on K-lite but the only version of windows 2003 is the server edition so unless you are running a server stick with XP
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    Server 2003 doesn't have support for most games and mutimedia.
    You can enable some support but the more you change it, the more unstable it becomes. It's very picky about digitally signed drivers so any atempt to change video drivers or whatever to support games could make it run like a P2 or worse, maybe not run at all.
    Web surfing is a bitch! All sites have to be added to trusted zones before you can progress through links or download anything.

    If all you want to do is download or upload a file, then it'll do that very well and very fast.
    As a pure office workstation it's probably the best choice of all the windows systems right now but don't get rid of your gaming OS to try this one.

    2003 IS a server. There are no other Windows 2003 systems that I'm aware of.
    It was built to address problems in XP running server applications.
    XP couldn't be fixed so they stripped it of all the frills and eye candy and disabled all nonesential services to come up with this server version.
    Themes and services CAN be re-enabled but then you'd end up with an even slower XP with background services you'd never use so why bother.

    If you decide that you have to have it, forget about getting it from kazaa.
    Go to the microsoft server family home page and download the full version corporate or commerce time limited trial. Then look for the windows trial extender on emule or some of the crack sites. Every couple of months, you may have to re run the crack but I doubt you'll use it that long anyway.

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    i have never heard of windows 2003, its probably server 2003. other than this stick to the obiwans advice.


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