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Thread: Recruiting seeders ideas..

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    So, I tried to find a way to post a poll, but it doesnt look like there is one (maybe on purpose)..

    Anyhow, what I am thinking about is what kinds of incentives appeal to seeders working to seed for a new tracker..

    That is, if you are someone who has the bandwidth, and the access to good data, what would it take for you to become a seeder for a new tracker, especially if you already seed for other trackers..

    1. Access to data you cannot get at elsewhere
    2. Really good information/organization for torrents
    3. Really fast download speeds for stuff you want
    4. Access to an interesting/useful/exclusive community
    5. A tracker with really amazing/unique/useful features
    6. At least a little help paying for existing/better bandwidth

    And that's about all I can think of off the top of my head, having little experience in this arena.. Anyone else got other ideas, and which of those do you think would be the most incentive?

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    How about providing them with axxxs ? Most uploaders leech from other sites.
    Looking for scene axxs pm me for details.


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