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Thread: How do I access torrentleech invite?

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    I have received an invite to Torrentleech, I just got the email from TL. the email says To signup using your invitation, you have to follow this link: I click on the link and the sites says Registrations closed for the time being. whats the deal? my code is only good for a week and i'm kinda freaking out. please help me, thank you

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    torrentleech closed invites forever level 15 tracker
    Mr Angry

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    [quote]2007-07-03 - INVITATIONS CLOSED

    Due to some performance issues on our servers, we have closed signups from invitations until further notice.

    You'll have to wait and most likely get another invite.

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    ...But honestly how long do u think it will be closed?

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    Go ask in the channel, maybe?

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    how can i do that?

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    thats good advice, don't bother to tell him the information!

    #torrentleech at or :+7021(ssl).

    /join #tlhelp.

    Type "/join #torrentleech" to join the TL channel. You need to register your site name to access the help bot in the channel. Upon entering the network type "/msg NickServ REGISTER YourPassword YourEmailAddress", followed by enter, to register your name with the channel. Type "!help" to access the automated TL help service. Upon returning to the channel, again, type "/msg NickServ IDENTIFY YourPassword" to identify yourself to the channel.

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    I didn't know the information.

    I was suggesting a likely course of action, nothing more.

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    yay, TL to level 8!

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    according to some of the ppl i spoke with it will be down for a while until they get the server straightened out, they didnt have an eta.

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