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Thread: Avast Getting in the Way

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    When im downloading with grabit my speeds go up and then come right back down. I cant get a steady speed for more than 2 sec.

    When i use grabit i get this icon in the system tray;

    After i turned off protection, i got great steady speeds.

    How can i tell Avast to ignore scanning newsgroups?

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    I hope someone chimes in because I keep Avast turned off for the same reason. It really messes with the dl speed.

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    You should switch to another AV as you should scan the incoming files when you download, if Avast isn't doing it's job.

    I have used both NOD32 and the Symantec AV client with no problems.

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    I don't want to pay for AV nor download a pirated copy of Avast is my only option.

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    AVG Free Edition would be your best bet if your not looking to pay or pirate.
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    I would trust Avast over AVG.

    If Grabit is only downloading and not extracting archives etc., look all through Avast's settings to see if you can exclude monitoring of the Grabit executable file's activity. You're not going to get infected judt downloading an archive with a virus inside.
    Make sure that Avast is set to scan everything you open though.
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