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    HI all , i know this must have been discussed before but as the search is down and i have trawlled thru old posts etc.............................

    is it possible to do a straight dvd to dvd copy using dvd-r discs or do i need to get something like dvd x copy etc to be able to do it ie is it as easy as copying a music cd????

    any help will be greatly appreciated.


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    it depends on if the DVD you want top copy is a DVD-9 or DVD-5. A DVD-5 you can do a DVD-DVD copy using a program like DVDecrypter, if it's a DVD-9 you will either need to re-encode the film, rip parts out, or split it over 2 discs.

    If the terms DVD-9 and DVD-5 mean nothing to you then you need to do some research first, but basicly a DVD-9 is dual layer, a DVD-5 is single layer.

    You can only wirite DVD's that are 4.7GB (4.37 really), which is the same size as a DVD-5.

    Doom9 has a lot of information on this as well as the guides for ripping, copying, encoding DivX etc to DVD

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    ok mate thanks a lot - thats exactly the info i was after


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