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Thread: Downloading From Newsgroups

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    hey guys,
    ive got the program all set up and im on a server but i cant figure out how to download or even wat to download. ive found films i want but what do i click to start downloadin?? the files are complete (i dont have bt so the files arent scrambled). some one plz help

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    If you are downloading from newsgoups I recommend using Agent
    Agent Hompage

    Most movies are broken into parts and rar'ed, so you will need winrar ( you can get that from ).

    But with agent you can multiselect the items you want to download, then once the download is complete you use winrar to decompress and put it all together (mostly automatic).

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    shad0w dp u use newsgroups 2 DL

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    i dld agent, how does it actually work in dling the files off say this group
    alt.binaries.boneless?? aint got a clue u see


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