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    I'm reading a magazine now and it says that probably GTA/Rockstar is coming to XboX in 2004 because then there contract whit Playstaion is over. Does any one know if this is just Sh*t talk?

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    dunno. I know they'll cont the pc version. (they better! you cant mod the console versions lol)

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    Ok. I know that the PC version is better. Just look at all the mods for GTA 3 for the PC. All those cars and stuff like that..Mabye I should ''buy''/Download the PC version.

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    What exactly can u get on PC that u can't get on PS2?
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    you can download real car names, real cars, new bulidings, new roads and highways. This i cant get on the ps2
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    That why you should download it on your PC insted of buying it in a shop. Sometimes I think it is easyer to paly on a console becasue you don't have to start your PC but only your console and you can play it a lot easyer with a lot of friends.

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    I mean to buy the Playstation version in a shop. Stupid of me..


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