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Thread: Converting To Dvd With Nero Vision Express

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    i am trying to convert avi files to dvd with nero vision express
    after loading a film into vision express the used space is still
    0.0 out of 4812.8 and then when i come to convert and burn a error mesage is shown i.e unable to prepair data for recording :prepair session failed (internal error 1 ).
    i cannot understand this as i can play the film in examine the results of your project before burning it.
    i have added the error report as it makes no sence to me .
    C:\Program Files\ahead\NeroVision\GCLib.dll
    C:\Program Files\ahead\NeroVision\NeroVision.exe
    C:\Program Files\ahead\NeroVision\AMCUIBase.dll
    C:\Program Files\Ahead\NeroVision\ExpressUI.dll
    C:\Program Files\Ahead\NeroVision\DVDUI.DLL

    ***BEGIN: Session - RegisterApplicationService
    ...Application service registered...
    ***END: Session - RegisterApplicationService
    ***BEGIN: Session - RegisterCallback
    ...Session callback registered...
    ***END: Session - RegisterCallback
    ***BEGIN: Session - Prepare
    ...No Disc Type Adaption.
    ***BEGIN: progress_info - state
    ...begin progress with ID 1 time is 0.0 s
    ...elapsed time is 0.0 s
    ***END: progress_info - state
    ...VTS_Ns = 1...
    ...Clearing VTSTT_VOBS
    ***BEGIN: _VOBS::clear_intermediates()
    ***END: _VOBS::clear_intermediates()
    ***BEGIN: _VOBS::clear_intermediates()
    ***END: _VOBS::clear_intermediates()
    ***BEGIN: VTS - Prepare
    ...VTSN = 1...
    ...VTSM_VOBS_exist = false...
    ***BEGIN: VTSTT_VOBS - Prepare
    ***BEGIN: _VOBS::common_prepare()
    ***BEGIN: _VTSTT_VOBS::process()
    ***BEGIN: _VOBS::process_title()
    ..._unCellBlocks: 1
    ...creating converter input for 'D:\Final.Destination.2.(2003).DVDSCR.XviD-DVL.avi'
    ***END: _VOBS::process_title()
    ***END: _VTSTT_VOBS::process()
    ***END: _VOBS::common_prepare()
    ***END: VTSTT_VOBS - Prepare
    ***END: VTS - Prepare
    unknown exception caught.
    ***BEGIN: Session - Clear
    ...Clearing VRM
    ...Clearing VMG
    ...Clearing VTSs
    ...Clearing VTSTT_VOBS
    ***BEGIN: _VOBS::clear_intermediates()
    ***END: _VOBS::clear_intermediates()
    ... closing temp. file...
    ***BEGIN: _VOBS::clear_intermediates()
    ***END: _VOBS::clear_intermediates()
    ...Clearing progress info
    ***END: Session - Clear
    ***END: Session - Prepare
    i am running windows xp with a 3g prossesor and 512 of memory
    please help

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    the only advice i can give is that if you have already checked for bad frames etc. use another program.

    i've had a few problems with nero aswell normally it works fine but i have some movies that it refuses to burn, i burnt them no problem in another program i'm not 100% sure what program tho it could have been PromoDVD

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    it isnt bad frames or anything like that because it does it with every film


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