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Thread: Need Help With Rar Files...

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    I d/l'd a rar file from bitTorrent (okay, couldn't find it on KaZaA, don't shoot me). When I run WinRar on the file, it creates two folders full of files with extensions ".000" thru ".051".

    So what do I do with those files now?


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    whooops u double posted

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    Yeah, and even with double-posting (unintentionally) I still didn't get any help... bummer.

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    make sure you have all of the files with numeric extensions in the same directory and unpack the first archive. this should unpack all of the data needed out of the other archives and give you the file that you are wanting.

    EDIT: if the download came packed with an .nfo or readme.txt file, read that and it should have exact instructions.

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    The folders that contains those files need to be combined into the .bin files of whatever it is you downloaded. Open Winrar and locate the file that has the.000, then extract. You should be left with a .bin & .cue file of the program you got.
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    open the folder with the .000 files. double ckick on the first .000 file. a window wiol pop up saying "windows cannot open this file type". you can choose to go online to find out what program created the file, or ,choose a program from the list. click the tab "choose a program from the list". now a window will pop up with a list of programs,choose winRAR and press the OK tab. this will open your .000 file ,inside you will see a .bin and a .cue. extract the .bin and .cue to your desktop(or the folder of your choice). now you have your image, happy burning!

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    Thanks for the info, now I got another problem: When I extracted all the files, one was missing (number 041). So I used the "Test" on the rar file. It says that one of the files (Only one of 104) is corrupt. I use the "Repair" on it, and one of the first things that pops up in the "Repair" box is that there's no recovery record - but it still goes through all of them, apparently repairing & doing it's thing.... Is this gonna work?


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