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Thread: Learning Foreign Language Software ?

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    I am looking to download free software for learning foreign languages eg French , German, Spainish etc

    Anybody knows where I can get them from ???

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    I've got something that will help but you'll have to do the teaching yourself./

    L&H Power Translator Pro.

    You can find it on emule for sure but it's probably on kazaa by now too.

    It's made by lernaut and hausppie. Same people that made the Microsoft speech engine. Translates german, french, spanish, latin, and a few more. Add the win2k language packs and it'll do japanese as well. gives you side by side windows which you can translate back and forth to figure out how the languages are used and how accurate your translations are.

    You can use it with voice commands or have it read text in the language of your choice. It reads German Very well!


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