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Thread: "best" Dvd To Dvd-r Software...

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    Before anyone says it, I KNOW this is down to opinion and personal preference. It is your opinions I want, 'cos I got a shiny new DVD Rewriter and absolutely no clue what software to use with it.

    p.s. No doubt this topic is already here somewhere, but with the search engine offline I thought I'd start a new one- with 7 million or so users I can't be the only one in this situation.

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    Oh, forget to ask for hashes, but I guess that goes without saying. Probably.

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    I use DVD Shrink to rip(free off google)
    And DVD XCopy Express to copy straight from disk to disk(available on BitTorrent).
    Nero is as good as any to burn Dvd-r's once you have ripped them to your hard drive.

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    Cheers jay. I like the sig by the way.


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