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    i jsut downloaded Shanghai.Knights.DVDRip.XViD-ViTE and when i try to encode it w/ tmpegnec there is no audioi file. so i go to vdub and try to use the video fiel and creat wav file but it said no decompresser could be found for the audio so i check to see what the codec is and it si ac3 digital. does anyone here know where i culd find this or how to solve my problem. i post this here because im sure all the movies file im downloading is going to be like this.

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    will someone plz answer. i really want to know how to encode it to svcd.

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    thank you for all your help. i have found out how to solve my problem. all i had to do was use a tool call goldwave and change the audio from the file to a wav and use the wave in tmpgenc as the audio source. everything is going great so far.

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    NO, really all you had to do was uncheck elementary stream (ES) and clik system(Video & Audio)

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    well, i tried that but it didnt work when it encode it pop back to the video only one. so i ended up w / a file w/ picture but no sound.


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