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Thread: Nathans Hot Dog Eating Contest new Champion and World Record

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    Looks like Joey Chestnut brought the Nathans hot dog eating championship belt back to the USA after 6 years. He porked down 66 dogs in 12 minutes for a new world record too beating Kobayashi's 63 dogs (he puked at the end) !!!
    He beat 6 time champ Kobayashi who was said to have jawthrites (arthritis of the jaw)..what ever the hell that is....bullshit excuses.

    Gotta love the International Federation of Competitive Eating (IFOCE)

    Shot at 2007-07-05

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    Kobayashi let us azns down.

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    He did get owned Chestnut didn't even look like he he was tired or sick

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    I got the feeling that Chestnut was uber obsessed with beating Kobayashi for a while now. Good for him though. He dethroned somebody who i thought would never be dethroned. Now lets see how long he holds on to that title.
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