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Thread: Seedbox usage for Oink/TT (others..)

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    Im offering my seedbox for 2 weeks usage of 1000gig (up/down) on for an invite for Trancetraffic and Oink.

    Other offers that may be expected are bitme, bitmetv or similar plus one of the other first listed.
    Preference is definately the top two.

    Can give longer time or more upload allowance for better or more trackers included.

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    do you need buffer on them?
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    No. Invites fine.

    Tranceroute is also a big bonus, forgot to mention.

    EDIT: Just to keep things fair, ive had quite a few pm offers, ill go with the best offer obviously, but im hoping for TT > TR > Oink in that order, so offers with those trackers will be prefered. Don't mean to be picky, I believe this to be a good offer, and will hold out a little bit for TT if possible.

    Found someone offering all 3 of my trackers i really wanted, offer accepted. Thanks for the offers, sorry to those that missed out.
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