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Thread: Senator Hatch Wants Your P2p Machine Blown To Bits

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    Piss him off...
    Contact Info

    Prime Recordings Inc.
    Phone: 1-800-377-6788
    Mon-Fri 9-5 Mountain Time
    Fax: 1-801-377-0819

    Anybody have an auto-dialer?

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    I read this news and I have a question. What exactly is “illegal online activity” ? Suppose you are (were) an anti-war protestor and use your computer to contarct people and organize events. Will that also be considered “illegal online activity incompatible with national secutiry” ? My point is that is not just a matter of p2p, it is a matter of free speech.

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    how can it be OK to destroy computers
    when it is NOT OK to copy music

    by the look of senator hatch's CDs he has little to worry about from filesharers

    all members in the USA should write and fax this crazy freak, ask him to explain his madness and make it plain that you don't want him destroying peoples computers [especially people from Utah] state concerns about legitimate computers being harmed [be outraged]

    Senator Hatch's US Senate website

    Originally posted by :: TED BRIDIS :: The Associated Press. Tuesday@ June 17, 2003; 5:22 PM
    "I'm interested," Hatch interrupted. He said damaging someone's computer "may be the only way you can teach somebody about copyrights." . . . The senator acknowledged Congress would have to enact an exemption for copyright owners from liability for damaging computers.
    Read the washington post article here.

    [what about public, school or government computers?]
    why not cut off the hands of thieves aswell?

    fight the power

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    well if they do that they would be getting alot of heat cause ever think that someones cd drive cant copy cds to their computer so they download the music off kazaa and its legal? ha fucktards

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    i thought hatch was cool when he started swearing in public when sept 11th happened. he wasn't afraid to release his anger about the "bastards that did this"

    now... hmm.. bastard

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    Wouldn't an anti-virus program detect that sort of thing?

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    if it was something regulated by the US Government (like the FBI's Magic Lantern),
    Norton has said that they would not scan for it.

    Originally posted by kAb+--></span><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE (kAb)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'>i thought hatch was cool when he started swearing in public when sept 11th happened. he wasn&#39;t afraid to release his anger about the "bastards that did this"[/b]

    sheeeiit. Don&#39;t you know it&#39;s all for show? And votes, and ultimately, for the lobbists
    money to line their pockets with. Shit, next to the CEO, our good Senator is probably
    the highest-paid man on the RIAA/MPAA&#39;s payroll.

    <!--QuoteBegin-Godspeed You Black Emperor&#33;

    We&#39;re trapped in the belly of this horrible machine...
    and the machine is bleeding to death.

    this post is guaranteed 100% parrot-free

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    Originally posted by Sparsely@18 June 2003 - 00:06
    Shit, next to the CEO, our good Senator is probably
    the highest-paid man on the RIAA/MPAA&#39;s payroll.
    i wouldnt be suprised. Just another conservative shithead bending over for his corporate buddies. I&#39;d like to blow his fucking pc up right when hes pulling out his 2 inch wang to watch some kiddie pron.
    signature removed, check the boardrules.

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    I bet he&#39;s in favour of beating children too. Interesting what happens when this software targets computers in countries without copywright laws. It would be what he deserves to have his computers wiped out by viruses, it&#39;s about time some of us got to work on that.

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    I actually came in here to see if anyone was talking about this story after I read it on the BBC web site.

    I don&#39;t think it will happen, because it flies in the face of the whole "innocent until proven guilty" ideal that is so central to the constitution of the UK and US.

    I don&#39;t think it&#39;s reasonable to assume that property cannot be destroyed, as there is a long history of pirates having all their equipment confiscated (which is much the same thing).

    What is astounding about all of this, however, is the fact that AOL seem to think that the best way to combat music piracy is to continue to push their own music download product "MusicNet". Now, I don&#39;t know if the BBC have got it wrong, but they quote the costs of membership to MusicNet as:

    "The basic AOL &#036;3.95 deal will give users 20 streamed songs and 20 downloads per month.

    Fans can sign up for more access for up to &#036;17.95 (£11.40) per month, which buys unlimited streams and downloads, and the ability to burn - or copy - 10 songs to blank CDs per month."

    So you can burn 10 songs onto a CD per month for £11.40??&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;

    Now THAT is piracy.


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