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    Hey everyone, I had heard from a couple of guys that they had found what they thought was Bad Boyz II on IRC, but i wasn't sure that it's out there, it may have been like the trailer only but the file size was like a TMD rip so i have no clue, ne one out there can clear it up because I really would like to see this movie, looks halfway decent than what's already out there.

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    it would be awesome if it was out but i doubt it. i tried looking for it today w/ no luck. i love the first one and cant wait to see this one.

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    It's not out on VCD so that means it's not out yet. And it isn't released until July 18th so don't expect it out too soon, sorry.

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    wht bout charlie angel full throttle. is it out yet. its release in 10 days.

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    Nope, check back a couple days before it's released, you may get lucky!

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    Here is some info for a lot of people. Because their is always people asking is this movie out, when's it coming out etc . . . Well don't expect any movies out very long before their release date they will most probadly at late be up one or two days before the offical release date. Sometimes when it's a HUGE HUGE movie everyone wants to see you might see it early but that is rare The Hulk was released early and that was two weeks which is something you don't see. As a lot of you might know the first releases are always CAMs (nearly always) and a lot of the time the people can't get into a cinema before it offically comes out sometimes they get into it early through friends if they cinema is doing a advance screening or something of the like. Otherwise the group needs to know someone really close to the movie and then if they manage to get through security they could attain a copy somehow but again this is very rare. So don't expect to see many movies a month or week before they come out but wait until really close to the release date and then check .


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