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    I want to edit a pic. of a friend of mine , like puting his head on a transvistes body... What is a good, EASY, to use prog. to use... It must be noobie compatible....

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    The easiest is paint. It's also built-in to Windows.

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    photoshop also

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    Photoshop is one of the best software for image editing, however it require some experience. wat about paintshop?

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    Yes Photoshop would b gr8 for that type of thing also Macromedia Fireworks is also good...

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    If you go with Paint or PaintShop, I would suggest working with bitmaps (BMP).

    You may get surprised when you insert images that are in JPG or GIF format.

    You can convert to JPG when you're done editing to reduce the filesize.


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