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    I am currently downloading various TV series episodes and converting them so I can put them on a CD/R disk. To save space, I want to burn two episodes on one disk, which I have done, so I know that works.

    Here is my problem. The DL is good, clear, and audio/video in sync. I am using VDub to pull audio wav file, then TMPGEnc to encode, (using a 1 disk VCD template) but suddenly every one I do has the audio and video out of sync. I have not changed my method, can't find any corrupt files, have un-installed and re-installed VDub. Have tried Goldwave, same problem. I have even tried same DL on different computer with same problem, so it is not the computer.

    Has anyone else run into this type problem, and if so, how did you solve it.

    Is there somewhere that I can find a step by step set of instructions, hopefully in very plain language, that will help me get a DL'ed TV episode ready to burn.

    I don't seem to have this problem with full length movies, but I have had the problem with other shows that I am pretty sure were taken from TV.

    I could understand if the DL was out of sync, then I would not even keep it, but look for another one, and I check all DL's before I even start doing anything with them.


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    well i had the same problem untile i switch to the version of vdub that was for mpeg2 (svcd). im not sure if that solve it or what. but has a lot of guides for burning and encoding video files, u might want to look there. thats all i could help u w/.

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    that happens to my converts a lot...but im a little confused to what your trying to do...are you converting them to avi to keep them as avi or converting them to mpg/mpeg but in a lower quality to save size...the part that confused me is "I am using VDub to pull audio wav file, then TMPGEnc to encode, (using a 1 disk VCD template) but suddenly "...if your converting to avi why are you using tmpeg?just use vdub...and it has an interleave tab to correct sync problems that occur...but if your making them into mpg then this wont help...


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