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Thread: Best cd/dvd label maker

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    What does everyone use for label/ cover making, my acoustica no longer works and now need a free one, any info links etc much apreciated, thanks

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    A black permanent marker works for me . I think I still have an Xmas gift in the closet from 4 years ago called Stomp CD Label and never used it .

    Just for fun I found Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker 3 on p2p in one click , so its easy to get .
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    I use Surething CD Labeller Deluxe, which works brilliantly with my Lightscribe drive. Its not free but then there is this thing called a torrent............


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    Stick on labels for disks is a no no. The high speeds that todays disks spin makes them dangerous, they could potentially take out your drive. I leave my disks blank (not even a marker) and put them in slim jewel cases you can get on sale (two for one) at places like Office Max or Staples. Then, using Photoshop and either downloads from or making something myself, I create 4.78" wide by 4.76" tall inserts for the jewel case with any info or a modified movie or game cover. I use heavy ass paper I get from Office Max, its like thin poster board or something, it 67lb. paper and my printer has no poblems with it. There's alot of waste involved and its easiest to make two at a time.

    Using Photoshop the trick is keeping the pixels per inch the same. In other words, two 4.78 x 4.76@72 pixels per inch covers copied and pasted into a 8.5x11"@72 pixels per inch blank sheet with the covers placed in from the bottom left corner and up (about a quarter inch from the edge and apart, they should snap to position) will allow me to print to strips I cut from full sheets 5.5x11" all the way at the right of the printer (slide the paper guide to the right to 5.5"). The sheet prints upside down on my Canon printer so images put on the left side of a 8.5x11 photoshop sheet will print on the right side of the printer.

    This way I can cut a stack of cover sheets 5.5"x11" and use the extra 3" strips as doodle or note pad paper ot book marks what ever.

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    I use Surething as well for DVDs and cdrLabel for CDs. cdrLabel is great for listing contents of data discs - Surething also reads disc content but it's just too bloody awkward for my liking.
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