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    I was trying to download something this evening and Norton caught an infected file and the following list. The file number is #105590219229842968. I had another anti virus a month ago and this virus got past it, however it did not get by "Norton". It is the W32.HLLP.Handy virus. I wish I knew more but tried to fix it to no avail so had to delete it.
    I hope this helps you keep your site a safe one because I love your program. Nothing beats it.

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    There has been alot of virus's recently that start with W32 but none of them do much if u have Norton Anti-Virus. You shouldn't Delete a virus. You should Quartine them. Or try to Repair the file but that doesnt work most of the time.

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    well i like to delete those dl infected files right away... (savest)
    but you all do what you like most!

    Well most important of this statemant is... USE A GOOD antivirus program and make sure itīs updated.
    Hardly any problems then B)

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    most files that are cleaned of the W32 viruses are inopperable after they're cleaned anyways. its best to delete any executable that has been cleaned.


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