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Thread: Realplayer Alternative?

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    I keep reading about a RealPlayer alternative program that is in the downloads section, but i dont find it...I hate realplayer, and have a bunch of files that are encoded with it. Anyone able to help a link or something please.

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    visit this thread and follow the link to the test builds site. you can find real alternative there.

    EDIT....almost forgot, if you get real alternative, you'll need a media player that is capable of playing real media files. real alternative contains windows media player classic which can play these files, but if you dont install that, all you get is the codecs.

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    You can use EO Video to play .rm files, or convert them to mpeg or avi. Just remember that you need to keep Realplayer installed so you have the necessary codecs. But I think this program is more stable, and at least it doesn't contain spyware.

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    Dude, try jetaudio it will play everykind of file even .rm, .ram., .ra

    here is the link


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