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Thread: Freelancer Setup Problem

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    I can't install Freelancer

    I have two different copies with the exact same name. Difference is one was the bin and the other was a .bin.exe combo.

    On the .bin file I get about 50% installed and then get the message that setup failed to extract from

    on the .bin.exe file (which I removed the .exe from) I get to 93% and am filled with total elation, but then it too fails.

    At the point of failure I take note of the files that are present. Both are present and accounted for in the cab2 file. on both copies they are the same size.

    Anyone else have this problem and figure out how to get around it.

    THanks for the help

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    you have corrupt files. you Might be able to fix it using CDmage on the Bin file. It is a program that attempts to fix corrupt sectors on a disk image. I will post the sig2dat for it in a sec when i find it. hold on...

    here ya go

    File: CDmage1-01-5.exe
    Length: 571392 Bytes,558KB
    UUHash: =hLa2oiYclqu68lAkujdEjmfe4FU=

    for some reason the hyperlinks werent working, i will try to get one to work then post it

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    Much appreciated,

    If this doesn't work, is there an actual working copy? I have two different and both have the same problem, but at different points.

    Thanks again.

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    If you use Bittorrent to Dl games you won't get corrupt files. it can be slow though.


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