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Thread: nCore questions

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    How you receive bonus points there?
    with 500 bonus points you get a invite?

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    you should have checked another nCore thread first...
    The invite system is working again on nCore. Users can collect points on the site, and if they collect enough of it, they can send invites, there is no time restriction, inviting is limitless. Some informations about the point system:

    1 login to the site: 1 point (but maximum 1 point per day is possible)
    100Mb upload: 1 point (but maximum 1 point per day is possible)
    1Gb download: 1 point (but maximum 1 point per day is possible)
    1 torrent upload: 5 points (but maximum 10 points per day is possible)
    1 filled request: 20 points (but maximum 40 points per day is possible)

    Making a request: -25 points
    Voting on a request: -1 points
    Sending an invite: -500 points
    Warning: -20 points

    There is another way to collect points: via SMS (the accepted currency is Hungarian Forint, but I write you in USD)
    - about 4.4 dollars = 350 points
    - about 5.5 dollars = 500 points
    - about 8.25 dollars = 800 points

    SMSs are only allowed from Hungarian mobile networks.

    Hope, I helped.

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