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Thread: No Gibbing In Soldier Of Fortune 2? (184 Meg Rip)

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    I got the most common file of SOF 2 off Kazaa lite, it's 184 megs. Now, I had to get alot of patches to unlock the gore and crack the parental password, but everything is enabled, Gore is set to excessive and Texture/Image quality is on High (the next and last graphics setting is Very High)

    I can blow off heads, blow holes in people, demolish bodies, dismember, see blood squirting, hear death screams, see animations, mutilate dead bodies, etc...But I can't seem to blow enemies to pieces with grenades! I've used M012 (or something like that) and F1 grenades, plus the grenade launcher on my M4, but whenever I hit an enemy, they just get blasted away like a rag-doll type effect, but they're still in one piece, with no blood decals on them or anything, there'll be a pool of blood though, however, If I grenade a dead body it gets blown to bits! how can I gib live enemies? any help would be appreciated, does the game get more violent later on with new weapons, I'm on Colombia now, and I miss being able to shoot out enemies intestines like in the first Soldier Of Fortune...Does anyone know if one of the gorezones is Disemboweling, with a shotgun or something, when I shoot their chest with a shotgun, a single bullet hole and some big gashes on their sides appears, and I might blow off part of their arms

    Please Help

    (PS. If anyone can tell me where to get the speech files for the cutscenes, I'd be very appreciative, all the other sounds work)

    Thanks in advance

    Ardeth In Pre-Production

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    Thats why its always to get the FULL version not the RIP. Even though, I believe you have some files missing**

    Thats why they call it a RIP, sometimes sound files are missing and other things such as animation



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