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Thread: Hyperos 2003

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    I heard about this program. Does anyone have it?

    I heard it lets you run 2 OSs at the same time.

    Does anyone know if it is worth using?

    The offical website

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    never heard of it. i visited the website. but cant u use partitions 2 have different OS on ur comp.

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    yes but can you run both of them at the same time? I think it only takes a few seconds to swich between them or one can run in its own window. Not sure.

    I found hyper os 2002 on bittorrent but im not sure if I want to install it.

    Does anyone know if this can really mess up my comp? Has anyone used this?

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    Oh God No!!!

    Turn one XP into ten XPs in 15 minutes. Run any one of them with two clicks of a mouse.
    I'd wait too see a few studies done on this one.
    Virtual PC isn't perfect but it's pretty damn good.
    It gives you multiple 16 gig virtual hard drives that only take up whatever space the virtual data needs.
    This thing clones systems so your drive would fill pretty fast.
    If you have a multiboot system, you can already drag files between them as long as they're different builds. VPC can do that too with the additions installed.

    Some programs from C: can be opened in D: (like serials S2K , no need for multiple intalls) so no need to duplicate those.
    I just don't see a need for this program.
    If you want to clone a system, there's perfectly good Dos commands for that.


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