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Thread: Is The Geforce Fx5200 A Really Bad 3d Card?

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    I've heard bad things about it, but I was wondering if it's all that bad, I have a Geforce 4 Mx440 and I'm looking for an upgrade, the FX5200 is about 30 dollars cheaper then the 5600 and I was wondering if it's a lot worse then the 5600...Is it roughly the same as the Mx440 or alot better, does it take up two slots, AGP and PCI and what games do you think it'll stutter on...Also, does it need it's own power supply?

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    From what I see, the 5600 isn't much better than the 5200, but most likely a lot better than the GeForce4 MX 440 (being that they just released the 5600 and 5200 this month).

    What bad things have you heard about it (the 5600, that is)? Or were you refering to the GeForce4 MX 440?


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