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Thread: Idiots Who Misname Files

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    I am getting so sick and tired of all the retards who either don't know how to name their files, or who do it on purpose. Really, if you are purposely naming one movie file another, you are a fucking moron and need to be taken out into a field and shot in the back of the head for the benefit of the world.

    I never rename my movie files or any other file. What you see that is mine is what you will get. My only wish is these bitches who do this stupid shit, and those who attach viruses to their files would all just get hit by cars while crossing the street.

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    Welcome to the club, but you see that just the facts of filesharing. There's not always a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Plenty of topic based on your same thought all over the Forum. So believe me when I say we all share your pain.

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