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Thread: K-lite

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    Iv just downloaded The BeOS OS and before i installed it i was just wondering if k-lite worked on it or if there was anythink that could make it work on this OS any help will be apreacitated.

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    Iv just downloaded The BeOS OS

    From where???????????

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    K-lite doesn't run on BeOS, it's a different platform. Besides, all you can do right now with BeOS is play with it, because the latest release, R5, is way too old to be useful. BeOS R5 can be downloaded from BeBits.

    There is a project called OpenBeOS that develops an open-source BeOS clone from scratch. They have a very long way to go, but they're very active. I really hope they'll reach their goal, because BeOS was the best OS I've seen: the ease of MacOS with the stability of Unix.


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