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    Could this be available? I have been SLOWLY getting Spielberg's TAKEN..about 1 ep every 3-4days. Mini-series are so zone! I love knowing that there are 8-10hrs of storyline remaining. What other minis are on Kazaa? I just want Kindgom for Rutger Hauer I guess. Haven't found any copies. Thanks for your suggestions if you have any. This is my first post.

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    Not bad as far as minis go. Taken is much better though. I downloaded Rose Red when I still ran iMesh. I wish we could get a Star Wars or Babylon 5 miniseries. I still enjoy watching defunct TV series like Space: Above and Beyond even though they only lasted 1season (26eps). Someone should try and fill in the backstory of movies like BladeRunner with a series about the Replicants. Thanks.


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