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    I've got a AMD Athalon™, and it keeps overheating. If I was to buy a new fan for it, would it simply be a case of unplugging the old one and plugging the new one in?
    And how much would I be paying for a good one in the UK?


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    There is a clip which you must use to bind the new cooler to the CPU socket. It's quite stiff - use a screwdriver or something similar to press it into position.
    You also have to aplly thermal paste to the CPU die to ensure a good thermal bond with the heatsink.

    See the tutorial pinned at the top of HardwareWorld for more detail.

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    Might I suggest you try using Artic Silver 3 and perhaps a heatsink/fan combo based on copper fins and that it is suitable/recommended to work with the cpu you have. As Lamsey suggest, take a look at the Computer Resources on the top of Hardware.
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    While we're on the subject; could anyone recommend a nice quiet fan & heatsink combo for an AMD 1800XP. I know theres plenty out there that claim to "be as quiet as a whisper" but has anyone got one fitted. (The fan that came with the cpu is driving my g/f nuts )

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    hugoharding, you're talking about a fan only. The replies you received by Lamsey & CornerPocket are for HSF combo. If you just want a fan, it's as you say. Just plug it in. Of course it will have to fit on your current HS. And make sure if you need the 3 or 4 pin plug. Fans here in the USA are anywhere from $2-$20USD. HSF combos are $5-$50. And to namzuf9 it depends onyour MB as well. Cause not all HSF fit on all MB's or in all cases.


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