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Thread: Do You Have Any Tip To Download The Right File?

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    Do you have any tip to download the right File?
    I'm tired to download fake files.

    Per example I want to download Hulk, and when the download is finish Hulk is not Hulk is Spiderman instead.

    when I want to download Matrix, it is not matrix, it is a Swedish Porn.
    I can't understand how can there be so many stupid guys changing the names of the files for nothing. I can't find it funny In fact I find it very stupid and moron.

    I know that AVI Preview is a kind of solution.
    But do you now another solution? Maybe a tip that you do before downloading the file.

    Most of the time when a file is owned by 50 users, I check the File names of all those guys, and they are wrong most of the time.
    Per example if I check the Hulk 716Mb version, some of them says Spiderman, Star Wars, Crush, and Hulk.
    So i don't know if that file is Spiderman, Hulk, Star Wars, or whatever. Because it seems that the same File has plenty of diferent names.

    Do you have any search technique to share with the comunity?


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    Use the verified sections in each world of this forum, ie movieworld for movies etc

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    Thanks, I just try it and is nice , though it is slow

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    And if you don't want to use verifieds, a good rule to follow is never download anything that's labeled as more than one thing. There is no reliable way to tell what it actually is without downloading it and previewing, and even if it is what you want, there will be tons of people thinking they're getting a completely different file from you.
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    And of course, avi preview might help you out there also.. B)


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