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    The Furthur Network is the first and only 100% non-commercial, open-source, peer-to-peer network of legal live music created by fans for fans! The software itself is currently in beta development, available to download and is being developed and supported by volunteers and members of the and music sharing communities. Keeping with the wishes of the bands that allow their music here, we have no paid software or website developers, nor do we accept any advertising or compensation. We are involved only to help spread legal live music to the fans.

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    Everyone seems to enjoy the Traffic, Talking Heads, and Genesis bootlegs I got on The client is a bit bulky but works just fine. Here you can get bootlegs from big name artists who have approved digital trading. Furthur started out trading mostly hippie music but has since expanded to include all kinds of artists from AC DC to Yes. Instead of trying to find one track at a time, you just download the whole folder (usually with a tracklist). A lot of the files are .shn so the quality is superb. If your favorite artist allows taping at shows they are probably available on

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    does it have any blondie i had it for a few minutes then i deleted it it didnt look to good
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    I just downloaded this and installed it less than an hour ago and I am downloading at a constant speed of over 150Kb/sec. I am also running Soulseek with a download at about 5Kb/sec and K-Lite with about 6 download's, the fastest being about 9Kb/sec. I have a 256 DSL line and have never downloaded anything at over 25Kb/sec. It's been going like this for about 15 minutes. At first I thought the program was frozen at a high number but it kept changing and it wasn't frozen. What's going on?


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