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Thread: Microsoft Publisher

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    I need a copy of publisher quick, but every version i download turns out to be a virus. Can anyone help me?

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    I downloaded this file via e mule a few days ago - no virus, works fine - if you are on e mule I can send you the ED2K link

    if you are not on e mule you should be

    Seriously, K lite is great for music but for apps - especially the bigger ones - e mule is { in my very humble opinion } a lot more reliable

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    dont spose you have a copy of e-mule or somewhere i can get a good copy, im new to all this.

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    Google > "emule"

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    Didn't someone on this board post a link to a "user friendly" version of e mule - people get put off e mule because there isn't a "GO" button B)

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    ????? All you have to do is wait for your firewall and then double click on any server, and go to transfers or search. doesn't get much easier than that.

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    i dont know which one to get....i do a search on google and all the sites are in german etc. Oh well, im sure ill find a copy somewhere

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    ok, ive found it thx guys

    do you have the E2DK link for publisher?

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