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Thread: Just A Request

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    My best friend's mom was just diagnosed with cervical cancer. They do not know what can be done yet, and are preparing exploratory surgery. Just wanting anyone who feels like it to keep her in mind when thinking posative thoughts!

    The irony is, they went Vegan to try and avoid the cancers and tumors thier family is prone to. I feel for them and will be spending alot of my nights with them in the hospital.

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    Im sorry to hear that bassman.
    My uncle died from cancer, as did my grandmother, and im sure so many other people here have been affected by this horrible disease.
    She and your friend are in my thoughts, bassman. As are you. I hope something can be done.

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    I am very sorry to hear that, I will keep her in mind

    all my sympathy

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    That's tragic bassman.
    My thoughts are with her.


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