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Thread: What does 'custom nl subbed' and 'r5' mean

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    Lately when I want to download NTSC DVD-Rs they always say 'custom nl subbed'.
    What does that mean? Is it still the original menus, etc. just with nl subtitles added in or is it a custom menu?

    And what does R5 mean?

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    R5 refers to a specific format of DVD released in the former Soviet Union, which is in DVD Region 5, and bootlegged copies of these releases that are distributed on the Internet. In an effort to compete with movie piracy, the movie industry chose to create a new format for DVD releases that could be produced more quickly and less expensively than traditional DVD releases. R5 releases differ from normal releases in that they are usually a direct Telecine transfer of the film without any of the image processing common on DVD releases, and without any special features. This allows the film to be released for sale at the same time that DVD Screeners are released. Since DVD Screeners are the chief source of high-quality pre-DVD release pirated movies, this allows the movie studios to beat the pirates to market. In some cases, R5 DVDs may be released without an English audio track, requiring pirates to use the direct line audio from the film's theatrical release. In this case, the pirated release would be tagged with ".LINE" to distinguish it from a release with a DVD audio track.

    The image quality of an R5 release is generally comparable to a DVD Screener release, except without the added scrolling text and black and white scenes that serve to distinguish screeners from commercial DVD releases. The quality is better than Telecine transfers produced by movie pirates because the transfer is performed using professional-grade film scanning equipment.

    Because there is no scene release standard for pirated R5 releases, they were sometimes tagged as Telecines, DVD Screeners, or even DVD rips. In late 2006, several release groups such as DREAMLiGHT, mVs, and PUKKA began tagging R5 releases with ".R5" or ".R5.LINE" (the line meaning it has direct English line audio) and suggesting that other groups do the same. Yet many groups still fight over these releases and there has been no officially adopted standard for releasing them.


    There are people who make custom (dutch) subtitles and add them to scenereleases.
    they only edit the subtitle menu so you can select the new subtitle. Most of the time the menu doesn't look edited

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    Custom NL Subs generally means that a local releasegroup or person from the Netherlands uses a previous release of the movie and adds their subtitles into it. In order to include additional subtitles, the menu will most likely have to be modified as well while audio and video are untouched. An example for that?

    was once (minus the swedish subtitles)

    Basically, R5 stands for DVD Region 5 which is mainly Eastern Europe and Russia. Whenever you see a release tagged R5, this movie is released on DVD in those countries or it is about to be. The reason for that? I remember reading first about R5 in the Flyboys release from Pukka (Flyboys.READNFO.R5.XViD-PUKKA) and I'll copy you the text:

          Note on R5/TC's                                                      
        Over the past 6 months the major movie studios have been releasing     
        retail dvds early in Russia.  They do this to stop the widespread      
        use of pirated telecines (which were once very common).  Lately        
        however there has been very few real telecines, most of the scene      
        telecines you see are actually R5 retails.                             
        R5 retail is rushed out by the studio, they are basically competing    
        with pirates, so there is little to no cleanup of the film after the   
        telecine process.  So the main difference between telecines put out    
        by the pirates is that the r5's are done using pro equipment,          
        professional studios and professional people.  The quality of R5       
        retail is very similar to dvdscr's, no time is usually spent cleaning  
        up dvdscrs either.                                                     
        The range of  quality we now have is like this.                        
        R1/2 retail > DVDSCR > R5 Retail > Telecine > Telesync > Cam.          
        Vhs scr and wps, come around the ts mark (obviously differs            
        between rls).                                                          
        We will be tagging future releases as follows:                         
        Tag: R5   Example:  Moviename.R5.format-group                          
        Description: Any R5 retail with english audio will be tagged as this.  
        In the past R5 with english audio has been wrong tagged as, TC (ex:    
        The.Departed.PROPER.READ.NFO.TC.XviD-ZN), DVDSCR (ex:                  
        Trust.The.Man.LiMiTED.DVDSCR.DVDR-BOOM) and DVDRip (ex:                
        We want to cut this bullshit, and just tag as R5, not as dvdrip,       
        just a new category:  R5.                                              
        Tag: R5.LINE   Example: Moviename.R5.LINE.format-group                 
        Any R5 retail, which hasn't got english audio will be synced           
        to DIRECT LINE english audio and tagged as R5.LINE.  In the past these 
        have been tagged as TC (ex: Crank.TC.XviD-ZN) and DVDSCR(ex:           
        Tag: TC  Example Moviename.TC.format-group                             
        Any illegally produced non studio telecine, should be tagged TC.       
        Basically we are sick of whats happening, somebody has to make a       
        stand, just look at the whole pirates of the caribbean mess!           
              Only CiNTAX & XiNE foriegn grps can use our source               

    edit: oops, spent too long a time searching for the nfo, obviously
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    Thanks to both of you.

    I understand both things now.

    I downloaded an R5 and didn't realize Line meant anything significant. Turns out it means the audio is from a telecine.

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    r5 referz to regionz

    cheggit thiz site

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    Quote Originally Posted by rossco View Post
    Lately when I want to download NTSC DVD-Rs they always say 'custom nl subbed'.
    What does that mean? Is it still the original menus, etc. just with nl subtitles added in or is it a custom menu?

    And what does R5 mean?

    Feckin, n00b.



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