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Thread: OFFER CAN`T REFUSE it (onik)

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    He Guys

    I Have acc in oink with MORE THAN 100 Gb BUFFER and 10 Invite with email no invite give frome this acc

    I need bitme tv vip with invite + sct with email

    or sct with email + fsc Pu

    I am awaiting the sites required OR waiting offer can`t refuse it
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    100GB oink with invites is very hard its good offer,i dont think u need good luck

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    I think you're asking way too much for it. No one will ever hand over there FSC account cuz if you get caught most probably their's and your IP, and consequently your accounts, could get banned on most major trackers as the FSC SysOp knows a lot of people, and by people I mean SysOps and admins on other trackers. So trust me its too risky.
    As for ScT + mail I think you're still asking a bit much as what you're saying is you want a ready made ScT account to be handed to you on a Silver platter, if you were asking for invite I think you'd get it right away. Plus asking for Account means your expecting some buffer so that scares people away as well. So ask something like ScT invite + BMTV PU, that is much more attainable with your offer.
    I mean no offence, only trying to help.
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    man you should have offered me that a few weeks ago. I would've done it!

    Too late

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    100 gb oink is amazig offer id take it in a snach {if i had sct...}

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    gl man very good offer indeed, just beware of scammers :/


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