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Thread: oink offer

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    i thought about the fact that its hard for me to maintain 1:1
    ratio on oink because a few reasons one of them is that i dont have high bandwidth like most of you people here...i offer to grant access to my oink acc at that time the ratio is 0.8 downloaded only 1.5GB ..
    the one whom will have access will have high bandwidth and will be able to use
    invites also..when we'll get them..
    the acc is 6 weeks old.

    in return i want an invite to an higher tracker
    say bitmetv or also to have access to their acc
    nothing will be done without each other knowledge..

    thanks everyone
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    Hmm....sounds like a strange concept to me.

    OK then, say I have great bandwidth, and I have a bitmetv account to offer you.
    Then we give each other access to your Oink and my Bitmetv, then what would I get out of it?

    If I had great bandwidth and bitmetv, then I'd have a bitmetv invite soon and I'd get an Oink invite myself wouldn't I?

    Let me make it clear that I'm not suggesting that I'm interested, I'm just making a point. Maybe I haven't understood your offer completely...

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    that might be right..
    but its up to you
    what if you dont wanna trade that bitmetv invite
    what if you dont wanna wait those 3 weeks to become a PU
    im suggsting to short out the process
    i think it will make things easeir for both of us

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    i must agree with bblogs. If one have high bandwidth, and has bitmetv, then shall have invites for it soon. Gettin oink invite in exchange for one bitmetv, shouldnt be difficult.

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    if he has high B.W he might get it for free


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