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Thread: Britain: Hollywoods New Pirate Horror.

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    Having succeeded in menacing the Canadian government into writing legislation aimed at curtailing the so-called camcording pirate threat, Time Warner, Viacom, Fox, Sony, NBC Universal and Disney are turning their attentions to Britain.

    Canadian Motion Picture Distributors Association boss Douglas Frith, the ex-MP and ex-VP at famous spin-firm Hill & Knowlton who was front and centre during the Canadian fiasco, now says the problem could cross the pond to Britain which, he says sadly, “has yet to impose criminal sanctions on unauthorized camcording”.

    And now a new prime minister, Gordon Brown, has taken over from Tony Blair, expect to see the screws tightened there, and hard.

    According to the Hollywood Reporter, “They (Britain) will require this [new anti-camcording laws] under their criminal code. The lobbying will intensify to pressure that jurisdiction to change its laws,” Frith said last month.

    How long before California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who gave Canadian prime minister, George W. Harper the benefit of his wisdom, shows up on behalf of Hollywood in the UK ?

    The Hollywood Reporter has Frith saying recruiting a range of Canadian industry groups such as the Canadian Film and Television Production Association, ACTRA and the Directors Guild of Canada was key to the Canadian success.

    However, ‘recruiting’ might not be the correct word. ‘Ordering’ might be a better one a given that the above organisations are, to all intents and purposes, Hollywood controlled.

    How long before Frith is elevated to the position of head of the MPAA’s anti-piracy operations?

    For now, expect to see the UK corporate media reporting shock horror stories about how camcording pirates are wrecking devastation in the British Isles.

    Source: Hollywood Reporter

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    Gordon will simply pass it on to Arlene McCarthy (MEP for North West England).

    I've no doubt she will be able to produce evidence that DVD piracy was the prime reason that Saddam invaded Kuwait back in 1990.
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    assuming most US made films get shown in cinemas in UK after being shown in US, why is this going to bother anyone?

    Quote Originally Posted by lynx View Post

    I've no doubt she will be able to produce evidence that DVD piracy was the prime reason that Saddam invaded Kuwait back in 1990.
    I always thought DVD piracy led to IRA bombings and the white slave trade?


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