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Thread: Xp Home Vs. Pro

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    I currently run Xp Home.
    What ,if any, advantages would there be to a Pro upgrade?

    I've checked at, but can't find a side-by-side comparison of the two.

    Any pertinent links or comments would be appreciated.
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    I don't really see much difference between the two and suppose the only thing is that professional is suitable for networking and for buisnesses etc.

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    actually Windows XP HOME is 99.98% the same as PRO,
    Pro supports multiprocessors
    and Remote Desktop

    but thats about it!

    I had PRO but I switched back to HOME becuase I for some resean it was'nt stable as much HOME is.


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    Personally, I always try to stick with professional...With XP Home, you cannot log on as Administrator unless you're in safe mode, you can't join a domain, and networking is a little bit screwy.

    With Professional, you basically have control over a lot more. While networking is still a little bit screwy, there's some improvement in the connections. It is ideal if you are working in an office or business environment. There are more security features, and you can log on as Administrator, which can sometimes enable you to solve some annoying problems (like one that I had with Easy CD Creator 5 Platinum)

    Although the pricing is a lot different between the two, you can always download XP Corporate version from Kazaa if you would like to test it out before you buy it...if you want it.


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